Common Questions

BankHunter is the industry’s first matchmaking software

Companies typically recommend lenders that are most beneficial to them, not to you.  BankHunter sorts and recommends the lenders best matched to the specifics of your credit and your car purchase.  This process is performed without bias, with no added fees, and in a fraction of the time.

Whether you have A-tier or Subprime credit, you will benefit from using BankHunter.  It will save you hours, even days, and thousands of dollars.

BankHunter instantly ranks and recommends the top 3 lenders most likely to fund your car loan.  98% of the time, our first recommended lender will approve your application in only 15 minutes!

Our patented software offers efficiency and convenience never before available to car buyers. And you can take that straight to the bank.

BankHunter - it only costs you when you don't use it!

The BankHunter Advantage

  • Approvals in Minutes
  • 3x the Industry Approval Rate
  • No Waiting Around a Dealership for Hours
  • Get the BEST INTEREST RATES with No Added Fees
  • Choose by Comparing the Best Loan Terms
  • Avoid Discriminatory Lending
  • BankHunter is FREE to the Car Buyer
  • Minimize Damaging your Credit Score
  • Shop from the Safety and Comfort of Home

No, we do not.

BankHunter instantly recommends the top 3 lenders based upon the specifics of your deal.
When you submit a credit application to the first lender, they will typically approve the loan within 15-minutes for nearly every application. We are currently adding banks to our portfolio and will soon have the banks render your loan offers electronically.

Some companies advertise approvals that are in fact pre-approvals.  And some are merely lead generators.  That is, your personal information is simply shared with potential lenders and dealers so they can sell you a car and a loan.  But are the terms fixed?

Most often, the terms of a pre-approval come with a caveat: they are subject to change once you submit an application for a specific vehicle.

Pre-approvals allow you to shop.  BankHunter helps you to buy.

BankHunter collects considerably more information, and sorts that data to instantly rank the eligible lenders.  There is no limit to the number of lenders we can compare, whereas a dealer limits the buyer to a small number of options. 

When a buyer receives and chooses loan terms via BankHunter, that lender is much less likely to change the terms.  This is because they have the data necessary to make such an offer to you. 

And keep in mind, their offer comes from bidding against competing lenders.  Their goal is to bid down to the lowest terms they can possibly offer.

BankHunter is sorting and routing your application to the lenders best-matched for your purchase.  We are not getting paid for leads to car dealers, so you will not be bombarded with calls or texts from them.

Pre-approvals allow you to shop.  BankHunter helps you to buy.

If you have excellent credit, congratulations!  

Consider that sourcing an auto loan is similar to a dating app.  Finding the best match involves much more than a credit score, or in the case of a dating app, your height or weight.  It goes much deeper and is far more nuanced than this.

Each lender has guidelines that are specific parameters that they are seeking when offering a car loan.  The list of particulars is long, varied, and changes regularly.  Sorting through them cannot be managed in your head, and for this reason, BankHunter can instantly source lenders, whereas car dealers take hours, even days, to do so. 

Even then, you are still not sourcing the best rates or comparing across a vast list of lender options.  BankHunter does this and more for you, in just seconds.

Whether you have excellent credit, average credit, or subprime credit, use BankHunter to instantly source the best lender for your purchase.

You'll be glad you did!

BankHunter is committed to providing access to car financing to all who qualify.  We are currently adding the ability to use either an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) or a Social Security Number.

You should receive confirmation of application submission at the email address listed in your application.  If you do not, please use our Contact Us Form (bottom of Home Page) and we can locate your application.

Alternatively, you can submit another application, or email us at contact@bankhunter.com


Many online companies have secondary or little-known bank relationships.  You won't recognize them, and in some cases, they are owned by the company selling the vehicle.

BankHunter matches your application with known banks, most of them national.